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Our Artist Exhibitors

People's Choice Award. Village Framers of Lillingstone Lovell very kindly donated a £50 framing voucher to the artist whose picture is voted the favorite of our visitors. The winner in 2018 was Anne Gilbert with her beautiful painting of 'Bracken Hare'.

The following artists exhibited at our 2018 Art Festival. If you have not received an invitation to exhibit in our 2019 Art Festival exhibition and sale, you can download an entry form from our contact page.


Charlotte Ashman

charlotte ashman

I have been a practicing artist since graduating in 2004.

My recent work reflects my love of the waterways where I have lived for the past 6 years. The way that past and present collide here is a constant source of amusement, frustration and inspiration for me. I use traditional lino cutting techniques to create images that complement the sharp lines and bold colours found in the architecture and engineering on the canal (the cut).

Jude August

jude august

I Attended teacher training college in the 70's, with my main subject being Art. I taught across all age groups during my career and when I retired I attended Oxford and Cherwell Valley College on an Art and Design foundation degree course gaining a distinction in my final major project.

I have an art studio in Banbury and have run painting and sculpture workshops successfully for a number of years. My art discipline is mainly painting and sculpture based but I enjoy working and experimenting with a variety of media. My main love is portraiture and I have produced a series of studies of musicians as music is also a love of mine. "Rhapsody" (pictured) is an experiment in the old masters techniques of glazing and Chiaroscuro techniques using oil paints.

Conny Bailey

conny bailey

Painter on glass since 1995

Conny has spent the last twenty years seeking to free glass paint as an artistic medium from the restraints of decorative patterns. Her abstract panels play on perceptions of colour depth and light effects as the paint is allowed to meander across a variety of structural surfaces such as sand, glass and beads. Conny’s inspiration comes from a variety of sources: nature, foreign shores, her work as an art historian, and her interests in science and technology all coalesce to create works known for their tactile and engaging character.

Member of Visual Images Group and Buckinghamshire Open Studios since 2015

Member of Northamptonshire Open Studios since 1998

Full Member Kettering & District Art Society

2002 to 2014 Certificate to PhD, Art History, University of Leicester. Tutor and published author specialising in late medieval sculpture from Northern Germany and Pre-Raphaelitism, also German Expressionism, Renaissance art and the English Country House.

Mike Bloor

mike bloor

Mike studied Fine Art at Derby College of Art. He then worked at Rolls-Royce for two years as a Technical Artist before completing two further years training as an Art teacher. Upon moving to Germany in his 30s he gave up painting completely and only returned to it a couple of years ago. He has been a member of the Milton Keynes Society of Artists since 2012.

Since resuming his interest he has worked mainly with acrylics but still enjoys drawing in pen and inks and charcoal.

He especially enjoys painting people in landscapes, and portraits. He welcomes commissions for work within these fields.

See more examples of his work on Facebook: Mike B's Art, or contact: mikebloor@yahoo.com

Lisa Campbell

Lisa's details are coming soon.

Anna Carter

anna carter

I’ve recently started painting and this combined with my passion for horses meant they are an obvious choice of subject matter to start with! I’ve been painting a few equine portrait commissions in oils over the last few months and my two paintings at the art festival are some I did just for fun. I didn’t really start with a plan but I love the style these ended up being and am really looking forward to trying more paintings like this.

I am also so excited to be going to Kenya to help train some horses for two months from mid-September and can’t wait to do some painting out there, possibly branching out to giraffe, zebra and elephants! My website is www.annacarter.co.uk so you can follow what I’m up to while I’m out there. I have no idea where my painting is going in the future so would love feedback and comments and for you to help shape that future. Please feel free to get in touch: annaccarter@hotmail.co.uk

Jane Denton

anna carter

I live in Northampton and I have been painting with watercolours for several years, and love the delicacy and transparency of the medium. I like to experiment with different subjects, styles and techniques, expressing whatever inspires me in the moment. I also paint in oils and enjoy drawing with ink.

Mark Duffin

mark duffin

I am a freelance illustrator and artist. I have worked as a freelance illustrator since 1982, in that time I have covered all fields of design, advertising & publishing in the UK and overseas.

Most of my works are all original paintings in either oil or acrylic.

Most of these are finished with gold/silver leaf and crystals, which gives then a added depth and lustre.

See more examples of my work at www.markduffin.net

Yvonne Englefield

yvonne englefield

I’m a latecomer to painting and have fallen in love with it and though the painting shown is acrylic I like nothing more than to be out with my very small watercolour sketching kit, and to be by the sea is an extra treat.

This picture of the White Strand of the Monks on Iona is from a sketch while sitting on the beach.

Pamela Fitzsimmons

pam fitzsimmons

Pam is a mainly self taught artist who started painting watercolour landscapes thirty years ago after a friend persuaded her to try painting as a hobby.

A few years ago Pam was asked to do a portrait of a pet dog and reluctantly agreed to give it a try although she had not attempted to paint animals before. The painting was a success and this aroused an interest in the subject of animal portraiture and she now specialises in animal studies using pastel as her favourite medium for this subject. She also enjoys figurative drawing and painting.

Some of her small landscape paintings are included in private collections across the world:- in America, Canada, Mexico, France and the Oman.

Commissions accepted - email :- pamelafitzsimmons@yahoo.co.uk

Heather Gibbs

heather gibbs

I grew up in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and I started painting when I left school as I had enjoyed my art sessions. I have continued since then although I have had no formal training. I like working with oils as they are vibrant and forgiving. My main interests have been seascapes and landscapes.

Anne Gilbert

anne gilbert

Anne's passion for animals and wildlife has inspired her to create movement and expression in her animal and bird studies.

A self taught artist, Anne works mostly in watercolour but also with mixed media.

Most of her subjects are taken from the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside.

Commissions taken, email annegilbert@fastmail.co.uk

Val Goldfinch

Val Goldfinch

Val Goldfinch’s detailed, delicate, watercolours have been exhibited at Alderton for many years.

Her country gardens, beautiful local buildings, patterned china, Morris Travellers and seaside memories have all hung in the church over the years.

Val also creates work in mixed media, including a project about the First World War. Her work appears on jigsaws, cards, tableware and a very popular series of 'alphabet' prints featuring a variety of towns, cities and themes such as music and the Seaside.

She is available for private and commercial commissions. Her website is www.valgoldfinchdesigns.co.uk

Jill Goodyear

Jill Goodyear

(Painter and printmaker). Jill's formal training was as a printed textile designer at Loughborough College of Art and Design. After a career in the textile industry, followed by raising a family, she returned to college in Bedford in 1999 to take a BTEC Foundation course and went on to study Fine Art and Printmaking, BA Hons at University College Northampton.

Jill works with paint, mixed media, collage and printmaking to produce bright, fresh images on canvas and paper. A strong sense of colour and form is evidence of her initial training as a textile designer. Colour, line and light play an important role in what influences her as an artist, and she uses acrylics, oils, watercolour and inks to achieve the effect that she is looking for, sometimes used together in the same piece.

Her work is a mixture of the formal and abstract, using a variety of subject matter that ranges from landscape to seascape, figurative to imaginative. Drawings, photographs and memories are used as reference points, while the works evolve organically through the process of painting, gesture, and mark making.

She is a member of the Artists' Network Bedfordshire and has exhibited at galleries and shows in and around Bedfordshire.

Contact the artist: jillrgoodyear@gmail.com

Brian Harrington

brian harrington

I have been painting and drawing since I was a teenager. I used to paint greeting cards for Gordon Fraser then moved onto landscapes, animals, people - but mostly trees. I have had several successful one man shows.

At the moment I tend to work on pictures suggested by my imagination from textures found in nature.

I take commissions.

Julia Hart

julia hart

I worked in the civil service in London when I started an interest in painting at evening classes. The tutor was so inspiring that at the end of the first year half a dozen of us went with him to Sicily to learn to paint outdoors in public. Comments by passers by were in Italian and thus no deterrent to our enthusiasm. Thereafter painting holidays abroad became a pattern.

After retirement my approach to painting became more serious. I took a course at Banbury which led to a degree in Fine Art.

Sam Hayes

Sam's details are coming soon.

Christine Hill

chris hill

As quite a long term member of the WI I won a bursary to Denman College and opted for watercolour painting,On my return I raided the Art shops in Northampton to buy materials. Ever since I have been painting under guidance from several tutors and abroad on a painting holiday, I have tried acrylics but find I prefer watercolours next hopefully I will try oils. I paint for pleasure and its a real bonus if someone decides to buy one!

Lynn Hogg

lynn hogg

I’ve been painting for about 10+ years, starting off in watercolour, painting landscapes then progressing onto animals. About 3 years ago I tried pastels and fell in love with them. I love the detail and effects I can get and the mess they make. This is now my medium of choice but I also enjoy going back to watercolour and trying different art materials.

Sharon Ingram

sharon ingram

I am a 44 year old, mixed media artist working from my studio in East Northamptonshire. Coming from a technical background in graphic, architectural and product design, I was encourage to start painting by my Mother (a keen amateur artist who runs an art group), and discovered a love for creating, drawing and painting in a range of media and in a diverse variety of subjects. I subsequently went back to College, where I studied a Combined Studies BA Degree - which incorporated Art, Sculpture, Photography and Art History.

I am passionate about painting, and all aspects of art and design, a keen photographer, and am currently working on book illustration. I enjoy galleries, museums and exhibitions - a love I have shared with my Mother from a very early age.

I have been immersed in art and countryside, flora and fauna, gardening, walking, landscapes, wildlife and animals all of my life, and these elements, I believe are reflected in my work.

I work mainly in mixed media, on linen textured media as I feel this best lends itself to the combination of technical and creative skills I strive to combine. I hope you enjoy looking at my work and that it expresses even a fraction of the enormous pleasure I derive in painting.

Commissions happily undertaken. For any enquiries, please e-mail: sharonlingram74@yahoo.co.uk

Michelle Keevill

michelle keevil

I have always loved to draw, paint and take photographs and couldn't quite leave this behind taking Fine Art as part of my Psychology degree. I then went on to become a Clinical Psychologist but more recently have been at home with my two children. As they are now growing fast I have had more time to enjoy Art again doing a few courses and painting landscapes and portraits rather than the printmaking I used to do. My Instagram account is mkeevill.art and my e-mail contact is mmwysling@hotmail.co.uk

Har Roop Kaur

har roop kuar

I've been creative all of my life, my Granddad was a painter & photographer and always encouraged me to express myself though art and not to be afraid to try something new. I work in a eclectic range of genres and mediums and am always interested in trying something new and pushing boundaries, if it works great, if it doesn't well I've learned from it. I tend to paint what I feel and the process is generally an intuitive one (I'm not one for planning or rules). I love painting and photographing skies (probably because I am a huge Turner fan) my other favourite subject is Corvids. I sometimes deliver art workshops, it usually ends up with a lot of mess but a lot of happy smiling faces at the end of it. There is something very satisfying when a child or adult says "I cant paint" who then turns out a little masterpiece at the end of the session. I think art is one of the best therapies going whether looking at it or creating it a kind of meditation on canvas. I'm on Instagram/Facebook as Planet 9 Art pop over and say hello.

Kevin Mortimer

kevin mortimer

I'm an artist mainly specialising in watercolour, and although I've drawn and painted all my adult life, I've dedicated myself seriously to watercolour for the past 8 years.

My main inspiration is nature, but although I paint in a realistic style, I'm more concerned with the feeling and essence of a subject, rather than a precise portrayal.

I'm also interested in mythology and classic literature, and I enjoy the freedom of imagination that these subject offer.

Peter Newham

peter newham

I took up painting on my retirement some 11years ago from the legal profession, concentrating on pen and wash watercolours of houses, bridges, boats and other landscapes.

I have carried out commissions for friends of these, and exhibited in a minor way at festivals and shows.

Peter Norton

peter norton

Peter takes amazing photographs, of which this incredible photo of one of the iconic Red Arrows is one (and will be for sale at the Alderton Art Festival). Peter prints, mount and frame all his work himself using Epson Ultra Smooth Fine Art Photographic Paper. The aircraft photographs are size A2 under glass, framed in a wood and coated in gold & silver flake.

Peter is also exhibiting mounted cards and A4, A3 and A2 mounted photographs printed on Epson premium luster photo paper which are for sale as well.

Jan Pursey-Grange

Jan Pursey

Jan has been painting since childhood, attending various Art Colleges part-time from the age of fourteen, using oils and pastels. She then spent 3 years studying art full-time using oils and textiles. About 30 years ago Jan began painting in watercolours and acrylics and for the last 12 years has also painted on silk.

Jan is a part-time Adult Education tutor and also runs workshops at her studio in Steeple Claydon in Buckinghamshire.

She is a member of the Buckinghamshire Art Society, Winslow & District Art Society, Milton Keynes Society of Artists, Buckingham Art for All and the Visual Images Group. She exhibits regularly throughout the year and her commissions include private houses, gardens, horses, flowers and steam trains.

Barry Reynolds

barry reynolds

Barry Reynolds started drawing and painting at the age of six and continued to the age of fifteen when a interest and love of motorcycles took over his life. He was always top at art at school. Barry, who is now eighty-two, restarted painting pictures at the age of fifty, his subjects are across the board from old houses, landscapes, railway locos and Barry also likes to paint horses and characters from old Victorian photos and, occasionally, copies of Victorian artists' works. In the last five years he has experimented with still life scenes.

Barry always uses oil paint on board.

Jane Rhodes

Jane Rhodes

Born and raised in Bedfordshire, Jane took up painting almost full time when her children grew up. She has exhibited successfully in group and solo shows. Her paintings have been shown at the Mall Galleries in London with The Pastel Society and The Society of Women Artists and can be viewed at The Norton Way Gallery, Letchworth.

She works with art groups as a demonstrator and tutor and has weekly classes and a full programme of workshops every year. Details of these and a painting holiday that she runs annually, along with examples of her work can be found on her website www.janerhodes.co.uk.

Best known for her atmospheric paintings of seascapes, landscapes and, more recently urban scenes, she works in various media and often a combination of several. She particularly likes the expressive quality of pastels but the versatility and vibrancy of acrylics runs a close second as she enjoys experimenting with colour and texture. She believes that the subject matter often dictates which medium she should work in.

Liz Smallwood

Liz Smallwood

Liz lives in Alderton and started painting shortly after moving to the picturesque village over a decade ago. She has had no formal art training but has enjoyed several art courses over the years.

Liz works mainly in watercolour and ink.

This is a monochrome sepia watercolour 'Waiting’.

Kay Taylor

Kay Taylor

Kay Taylor has a Textile Design degree specialising in Embroidery. This seemed an obvious choice when looking at University courses as Textile Design incorporated her many creative skills.

Her work is vibrant, detailed and quirky, ranging from photography to embroidery and drawings to paintings. Kay finds art, design and inspiration in everything. Her style can have a naive and illustrative quality to it. Fruit is a recurring theme as she feels the rich colours and beautiful patterns can be represented by her many different styles and techniques.

Kay is currently in the process of combining two of her other favourite themes and mediums – mandalas and ink. These are not yet ready but keep an eye out in the near future.

Deborah Thompson

deborah thompson

Deborah interprets moments in watercolour from a variety of subject matter, ranging from landscapes, cityscapes, and flora and fauna. Her style varies from very detailed and accurate to impressionistic and abstract. The colour used depends on the moment captured by a photograph or visual memory and reflects the mood, atmosphere and energy of a snapshot from life.

Heat, rain or lighting changes excite Deborah to paint, capturing the personal and emotional attachment to the snapshot in time.

Deborah has recently revisited acrylic painting, and in this more recent work she has again tried to capture seasons, feelings and places of personal interest.

In her role as Director of an Arts College Deborah has been involved Visual and Performing Arts, including fine art, creative design, drama, dance and music. Deborah strives to spread creative arts pedagogy in the classroom, in her work, education and motivational speaking and training.

Deborah takes commissions and enjoys new challenges in composition, medium and style.

For more information please contact detdeborah@aol.com

Barry Turland

Barry Turland

Hello and thanks for having a look out my work on this website. My name is Barry Turland and I am a local artist , I mainly paint in watercolours which I have done so for a number of years now. I am self taught, and fascinated by colour, light and shadows and try to introduce those elements into my work.

The picture shown here was painted in 2005. In looking back at that painting I would say that my work is becoming more experimental and the use of mixed media is often used. I love the work of local artists which influences me greatly and especially the work of Jack Vettriano.

Thank you for your interest.

Mary Turnham

mary turnham

I started painting about 20 years ago, going to local art classes doing water colour. My family bought me a birthday present of oil paints one year. When I asked my art tutor how to use them she said "just have fun with them". How right she was. They are so versatile and such wonderful colours. So now I paint in oils and pastels.

Patty Vann

patty vann

Since retirement I have joined a small art group in Northampton, I have always enjoyed art from a young age, and now with time to pursue this as a hobby.

Although I have done many painting's over the years using different mediums this is the first time that I have exhibited my painting's.

Hazel Wakeman

Hazel Wakeman

Hazel Wakeman is a watercolour artist who also experiments with mixed media. She is inspired by nature and enjoys painting flowers, birds and animals as well as interesting cameos. Her work expresses her love of colour and form in creation and her belief in the Creator.

Hazel studied art at Westhill College in Birmingham and then taught art in primary schools where she enjoyed encouraging the children's creativity.

She painted this picture of ‘A Celebration of Cyclamen’ using watercolour and was attracted by the swept back petals and the beautiful patterns on the leaves. This painting will be for sale at the Art Festival this year.

Hazel can be contacted by email at hazelwakeman@icloud.com

Claire Warner

Claire Warner

Claire comes from an artist family enabling her to develop her passion for painting from a young age. She works as a professional artist, exhibiting mainly in the south, southwest, Midlands, Cotswolds, Northamptonshire and surrounding counties. She paints freely in watercolour, oil and acrylic, and accept commissions by arrangement and her paintings can be found in homes, places of work and recreation, throughout the world.

She is a national award winner for her “Art for Therapy” through the Society for All Artists. She develops and runs courses for all levels of ability for students, from complete beginners through to more advanced and experienced artists, throughout the UK. Her gentle step-by-step approach enables students to produce first class finished paintings in just one day.

She also runs painting holidays both in the UK and abroad.

The watercolour here is 'Early Morning at Ullswater'. See Claire's work on her website www.saa.co.uk/art/claire

Janet Watson

Janet Watson

Welcome to "Janet Watson Art" unique, original art, modern, contemporary, abstract art full of texture and colour. Art created on canvas and wood in mixed media including acrylic and 24k gold. Art for your home, hotel or business. Janet is an international artist and has work in USA, Australia, Spain, Austria, Ireland and New Zealand. All of Janet's art collections are all out of her own head and she keeps creating more as her back ground inspiration comes from her earth science and ecology degrees. Thank you for reading :)

Janet's artwork also can be seen and bought at Simply Salvaged Interiors at Heart of the Shires Shopping Village.

Janet can be contacted on www.janetwatsonart.com, Facebook: Janet-Watson-Art-302460486619159/, or mobile: 07516518664.

David Wells

david wells

David Wells is an International Awards winning artist who paints mainly in watercolour. His paintings have been published in both The Leisure Painter and The Artist magazines. He paints most subjects but particularly likes to paint people, animals and buildings. His paintings are held in commercial and private collections worldwide.

David was our winner of the 'Peoples Choice' award in 2017.

See more examples of his work here www.mksa.org.uk

Rick White

rick white

My interest in art started in my youth mainly with cartooning. Other than for a period during the 1970s where I produced some paintings in oil paint, it was not until my retirement in 2012 that I seriously started again, this time with acrylics then later soft pastel, pen/brush and ink and Inktense pencils. Inktense have similar qualities to watercolour which I will probably try in the future.

As for subject matter, most of my paintings and sketches are pets, wild animals and portraits, but I have dabbled in landscapes, seascapes and some architecture pictures. As with most artists my scope of subject matter is not cast in stone, as other forms, including abstract, may attract me in the future.

Rosamunde Wood

Rosamunde's details are coming soon.